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Historic Sities
Location of Martvili

Martvili Municipality is located in Western Georgia, 274 km from Tbilisi, 46 km from Kutaisi, 140 km from Batumi, 74 km from Poti, Khmunmikulati is rich with unique monuments of historical and nature. Among them is the village. Salkhino Dadiani Summer Palace, Martvili (VII century) and Balde Monasteries. Special attention is paid to the natural monuments of the river in the Abasha Gorge and the balcony of the canyons, the cavernous cave, Tatsa cascadevani (234 m), oniore (80 m) and the water of Abasha (30 m); Arsene Okrojanashvili, Toba II and Tsotsku Caves; Racha's unique voices and rare relic forests. No attention is paid to the river. Unique monuments of tropical nature and rare forests. And 100 km from Anaklia.
The Martvili Monastery is located near the Martvili Municipality Center, on the mountain Mountainea of ​​Mount Lavinia. The mountains of the river Tskhenistskali and the river Abasha are widespread at the foot of the mountain.
Several centuries have been recorded in Martvili. The holiday is held every Thursday after the Easter. The main angel Gabriel temple is filled with pilgrims at this time. They pray to the Lord for the child.
The Kachchali Canyon is located between the village of Gachdeli and Inchkhuri (5 km from Martvili).
3.5 km away from the village of Kachkeli The first buddy is located in the cave. The roadway is the roadway. On the east of the Tabagela River, there is a cave in which a 0.5 km long trail passes from the village.
Arsen Okrojanashvili's cave (750 m) is generated in bay leaf limestone. The cave (the height of the entrance is 25m; width - 11m) goes to the south-east, producing 550 m length of 100 meters, and 850 meters closer to the Siphon lake (150 m / kW).
The second cave of tabi (750 m) is produced in the upper laying limestone. The cave starts with 5 m wide and 5 m high in the entrance to the domed hall. From here it is linearly extended to the north-east.
About Lake: Tombavarkhil - Karuli Lake on the southern slope of the Egrisi Range, Chkhorotsku municipality at 2650 m above sea level.