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Tsachkhurus Monastery

Several centuries have been recorded in Martvili. The holiday is held every Thursday after the Easter. The main angel Gabriel temple is filled with pilgrims at this time. They pray to the Lord for the child. According to legend, the Andrew the Apostle from Samegrelo to Svaneti has come to this place and a stone cross. It was in the 7th century that the temple was built. However, it is still reminiscent of the temple in the 18th century. However, the flow of pilgrims to the temple is difficult and the distance is not solved. Most of the road passes by car is often overwhelmed by people's abundance. Still, the pedestals go to the cathedral with small, decorated nurseries. Enrollers write in the list in order to mention later in prayer. The ritual blessing ritual is performed in a special place after the liturgy. According to one legend, the territory of the temple, which was the peasant of the ancient peasant, worked. When his wife gave him a dinner, a stranger walked out. The girl offered him a dinner. There was a stranger who had not eaten any food or wine. To complain, the guest offered the peasant to dance. An unidentified passenger was told that the place was to lie down and call the turmeri, the hymn, the old man and the woman. And the husband and the husband in the puberty their parents took their hands in the hands of a small cobbler and they prayed like this: the smile was smeared, moska cachic, chakmi nabrali, , The scan name is Khammal. You have a son and a hundred years old praying to you. In addition to the young couple, they also go to see the gratitude of the child after the miracle.